Yoemans Family / Orange County Family Session

K, before I even go into talking about how much I love this family, can we just take a beat to look at how freaking ADORABLE they are? I mean, COME ON. I love them, a ton, and miss being their neighbor something fierce.

So, Lynds reached out to me (pretty sure it was on Instagram because how else to people communicate these days?) to grab coffee together at our local cute spot in Long Beach. I happily accepted and basically from the second we sat down I knew I wanted her to be my friend. It’s strange making friends as adults sometimes and clicking with women is hard but not with this girl. She is light, guys. Like, you just can’t help but feel good around her.

I loved, like really loved photographing the four of them. Lyndsey and Keith are fantastic parents and just watching them with their boys brings you so much joy. Those boys, man. They’re sweet as honey. I’m going to stop blabbing because really I could go on for days. But I love their session so incredibly much. And because it feels like there’s a TEENY little pinch of fall in the air and this set of images is so fall-like to me, here they are!


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