The Bloom Family ::: Lifestyle Family Session

I had so much fun with the Bloom Family, running around this big field, chasing Finley under an oak tree. AJ and Ali are expecting baby #2 in May and wanted a fun way to announce their new pregnancy so I had the idea of using the chairs and and extra one for baby #2! Ali also thrifted those adorable baby oxfords so we (obviously) had to use those too. Finley is THE cutest little girl, so full of personality and love. I know their next little one will be just as adorable. So excited for you Bloom Family!

Bloom-1 Bloom-2 Bloom-3 Bloom-4 Bloom-5 Bloom-6 Bloom-7 Bloom-8 Bloom-9 Bloom-10 Bloom-11 Bloom-12 Bloom-13 Bloom-14 Bloom-15 Bloom-16 Bloom-17 Bloom-18 Bloom-19 Bloom-20 Bloom-21 Bloom-22 Bloom-23 Bloom-24 Bloom-25 Bloom-26 Bloom-27 Bloom-28 Bloom-29 Bloom-30 Bloom-31 Bloom-32 Bloom-33 Bloom-34 Bloom-36 Bloom-37 Bloom-38 Bloom-39 Bloom-40

  1. Emily says:

    Great shoot Megan! Love the creativity with the chairs and shoes. That little gal couldn’t be any cuter- what a doll!

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