Kyrstin & Jacob ::: Visalia Backyard Wedding

        Kyrstin and Jacob’s wedding was a party from before they started getting ready until the wee hours of the night. I only know that it went that long because I was one of the last people on the dance floor. That’s what happens when you know everyone at the wedding and the music is just too good to stop bouncin around. K&J make everyone that comes in contact with them feel like part of the family and that’s what made this wedding so special. From the time Kyr was a little girl she knew she wanted to get married in her parents backyard so when she and Jacob got engaged the planning began. Their families worked together to make on helluva gorgeous wedding and everyone lived happily ever after ♥

Souza-1 Souza-2 Souza-3 Souza-4 Souza-5 Souza-6 Souza-7 Souza-8 Souza-9 Souza-10 Souza-11 Souza-12 Souza-13 Souza-14 Souza-15 Souza-16 Souza-17 Souza-18 Souza-19 Souza-20 Souza-21 Souza-23 Souza-24 Souza-25 Souza-26 Souza-27 Souza-28 Souza-29 Souza-30 Souza-31 Souza-32 Souza-33 Souza-34 Souza-35 Souza-36

  1. Leslie says:

    Love! That one of all the girls on the bed is so cute 🙂 What an amazing location, too!

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