Surprise Date Day ::: Glamping

Honestly, Adam rocks. He is the master at planning surprise date days, and all other date days for that matter, but this one takes the cake.

A couple weeks ago he planned a date day(s) and told me to pack something casual, active and warm. Now, I don’t care what genre you tell me, I just want to wear a dress. Lucky for me, when he came to pick me up he told me to put on pants. So, before we left he asked if I could pick up a few things at the store; garlic, a tomato, onion and sirloin steak….now, one would think this was a dead camping giveaway, but to me (the girl who does not camp) I thought maybe we were airbnb-n it! It wasn’t until we clearly passed Santa Barbara that I knew something fishy was up. We turned into El Capitan Canyon, parked, and as we were walking to the lodge to check in (to what? I had no clue) Adam pointed to a tent and said, “We’re staying in that”. I. Was. Ecstatic. “We’re GLAMPING?!” I very excitedly said. This guy. He knows me too well.

We cooked up steak and veggies, ate cheese and drank wine around the campfire and had an encounter with a little skunk friend. All in all it was perfection.

Here are some details about the campsite.

We stayed HERE

For the tent it was $150 a night. If you’re staying for the weekend there’s a minimum two nights stay. They also have cabins and yurts.

You can buy BBQ and s’mores kits (or just bring your own stuff)

There are a couple little hiking trails (I say little because even the most amateur hiker, like me, can do it.

Here are a mixture of film and iPhone shots from our trip. We stopped in Santa Barbara on our way home and walked around the beautiful little town.

glamping-1 glamping-2 glampingiphone-1 glamping-4 glampingiphone-2 glampingiphone-3 glampingiphone-4 glampingiphone-5 glampingiphone-6 glamping-6 glamping-7 glamping-8 glamping-9 glamping-3 glamping-5 glampingiphone-7 glampingiphone-8 glampingiphone-9 glamping-10 glampingiphone-10 glamping-11 glamping-12 glamping-13 glamping-14 glampingiphone-11 glamping-15 glamping-16 glamping-17 glamping-18 glamping-19 glamping-20 glamping-22

  1. Ashley says:

    Um, this looks awesome and I wanna do it. what a cute surprise!!!

  2. ala cortez says:

    you guys are real cute together and stuff. 😉

  3. Carrie Bauer says:

    So cute! I’m looking this up when I’m in the area for sure. Thanks for the info Megan

  4. Megan says:

    cute cute cute!

  5. Raquel says:

    I just love you two. And I so want to stay there! So cute!

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