Jenna & Matthew ::: Temecula Elopement

When Jenna and Matt first contacted me they were planning a big, traditional wedding. After life threw them a few curve balls they decided to elope, just the two of them, an officiant, and myself. Once the day got closer they realized it wouldn’t be the same without the people they love the most. So they invited their closest family members to a beautiful venue tucked away in the hills of Temecula, they shared handwritten vows, and promised each other forever. It is one of my favorite days to date.

Jenna&Matt-30Jenna&Matt-1 Jenna&Matt-2 Jenna&Matt-3 Jenna&Matt-4 Jenna&Matt-5 Jenna&Matt-6 Jenna&Matt-7 Jenna&Matt-8 Jenna&Matt-9 Jenna&Matt-10 Jenna&Matt-11 Jenna&Matt-12 Jenna&Matt-13 Jenna&Matt-15 Jenna&Matt-16 Jenna&Matt-17 Jenna&Matt-18 Jenna&Matt-19 Jenna&Matt-20 Jenna&Matt-21 Jenna&Matt-22 Jenna&Matt-23 Jenna&Matt-24 Jenna&Matt-25 Jenna&Matt-26 Jenna&Matt-27 Jenna&Matt-28 Jenna&Matt-29 Jenna&Matt-31 Jenna&Matt-32 Jenna&Matt-33 Jenna&Matt-34 Jenna&Matt-35 Jenna&Matt-36 Jenna&Matt-37 Jenna&Matt-38 Jenna&Matt-39 Jenna&Matt-40 Jenna&Matt-41 Jenna&Matt-42 Jenna&Matt-43 Jenna&Matt-44 Jenna&Matt-45 Jenna&Matt-46 Jenna&Matt-47 Jenna&Matt-48 Jenna&Matt-49 Jenna&Matt-50 Jenna&Matt-51 Jenna&Matt-52 Jenna&Matt-53 Jenna&Matt-54 Jenna&Matt-55 Jenna&Matt-56 Jenna&Matt-57 Jenna&Matt-58 Jenna&Matt-59 Jenna&Matt-60 Jenna&Matt-61 Jenna&Matt-62

  1. glady says:

    absolutely gorgeous, megan! i also want to get on a swing right now. haha. xx

  2. Love all your pictures! They are absolutely stunning! Nice work

  3. Heather Cornfeld says:

    I have been looking to do something similar to this. If you don’t mind, where did this beautiful wedding take place??

  4. jessica says:

    Love your pictures and this place – do you happen to know where it’s at and can you send me your prices please

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