Nadiya & Saum ::: Laguna Beach Engagement Session

 Nadiya & Saum are such an incredible couple. They spent their whole dating relationship living states away from each other. They met in Texas, where Nadiya lived, while Saum was living here in Ca. They were able to jump on a plane about once a month, switching off who would come where and spend a few days together. If that doesn’t spell out an amazing relationship, I don’t know what does. I’m so happy to say that they FINALLY get to live in the same state (hello beautiful California) as a married couple! Yes, yes, they’re wedding already happened…and it was stunning! I can’t wait to share it.

We had so much fun during their engagement session running around the wilderness park, looking out for mountain lions and what not..then heading to the beach where we had to look out for belly dancers being photographed on rocks. No joke. Anyways, I’m so so happy I was able to document this part of their lives. Thank you so so so much Nadiya and Saum!

N&S-1 N&S-2 N&S-3 N&S-4 N&S-5 N&S-6 N&S-7 N&S-8 N&S-9 N&S-10 N&S-11 N&S-12 N&S-13 N&S-14 N&S-15 N&S-16 N&S-17 N&S-18 N&S-19 N&S-20 N&S-21 N&S-22 N&S-23 N&S-24 N&S-25 N&S-26 N&S-27 N&S-28 N&S-29 N&S-30 N&S-31 N&S-32 N&S-33 N&S-34 N&S-35 N&S-36 N&S-38 N&S-39 N&S-40 N&S-41 N&S-42 N&S-43 N&S-44 N&S-45 N&S-47 N&S-48 N&S-49 N&S-50 N&S-51 N&S-52

  1. Luis Godinez says:

    Gorgeous session, love the photos!!

  2. no. 21 and that last frame are my faves.

  3. […] photographing their engagement session and wedding it was so fun to see them again and document this really exciting time in their lives. […]

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