Lauren & J.T. ::: Malibu Engagement Session

I almost broke this session up into two parts because I have SO many favorites but then decided to share them all at once because, well…I do what I want and because I’m a teensy bit obsessed with this entire session.

Lauren and J.T. live in North Carolina but J.T. is stationed here in California and just got back from serving in Afghanistan. So while they were here, I had the privilege of shooting their engagement session. They chose two locations that are very special to them. {Which I LOVED} It really makes your session that much more personal when you choose locations that mean something to you and I love it because I get to shoot in different places =)

Their first location was the Channel Islands Air Guard Base. It was so much fun shooting in the hangar with those ginormous planes and I loved their outfits for this part of the session. J.T. looked so handsome in his dress blues and Lauren’s friend handmade her beautiful dress!

Our second location was a lookout point in Malibu that is very special to their family. And holy moly, was it beyond gorgeous!

Lauren & J.T., thank you for letting me be apart of this special time in your lives. I love you two and had so much fun. Please let me know when you’re back in California =)

I mean, I have about 37 favorites from this session but this photo right here, wins. After our session Lauren & J.T. asked to have a photo taken with me and it just about melted my heart.


  1. ala cortez says:

    these are amazing and film-like and i’m so wishing it was me inside of each frame! 😉

  2. gina says:

    these are beautiful, megan … the location is breathtaking 🙂 as are the emotions you’ve captured between these two.

  3. Heidi R. says:

    These are so romantic! Love!

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