Alexi & Alex ::: Santa Barbara Four Seasons Engagement Session

Alexi and Alex currently live in New York but are getting married in Santa Barbara later this year so while they were in town we did their engagement session. We started at The Four Seasons where their reception will be and ended their session at the oh so beautiful Santa Barbara Courthouse where they will have their ceremony (in the gooooorgeous Mural Room, I must add). I know I always talk about how much fun I have with my clients but it’s the truth. I always leave my sessions with such a happy heart. As I drove back to LA the night after their engagement session I was filled with happiness; happy that I get to do this, happy that I get to share my gift with people like Alexi and Alex and just dang happy because the drive back to LA is just so pretty.

So thank you guys, for filling me with so much happiness. I can’t wait until September ♥

  1. gladys says:

    hi. this is really lovely, simple, and beautiful. love the laughter, the colors, and the light. you, miss megan, you’re something wonderful! xo

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