Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

I’m so happy to finally share our personal photos from our trip to Punta Cana in March. It’s such a hard compromise, shooting while vacationing. On one hand you want to photograph every little thing to remember it and on the other hand you actually want a vacation from your camera. I’m kicking myself now for not taking more photos of Adam and I actually being touristy, for example: having a stranger take a photo of us standing in front of the ocean, like I said, touristy. Oh well, next trip!

There are a mixture of digital, film and iPhone photos from our trip. We can’t wait to go back!

We arrived in Punta Cana on Thursday, we were exhausted from the flight so we lounged around the pool, hit up the buffet and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the bridal party.

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On Friday we had planned on going zip lining but our plans were canceled due to it being too windy. So instead we decided to scout the ceremony and reception locations since Adam wanted to get some B footage for the video. We perused the resorts and stopped into the cute, colorful stores on the walk to the beach. We (I) really wanted to just lay out and get a tan at the beach but after laying there for about thirty minutes we let the wind defeat us and headed back to the resort for dinner.

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DR2013iPhone-6 DR2013iPhone-8 DR2013iPhone-9 DR2013iPhone-13 DR2013iPhone-14

Saturday was the wedding! We awoke to the most gorgeous blue, clear skies so naturally we made a bee line to the beach where I, being the super tourist I am, had to have a coconut to drink out of. I mean, who would I be if I passed that up? After a few hours of hanging at the beach we shot the most perfect wedding and I’m so so excited to share it soon!

DR2013iPhone-22 DR2013iPhone-16 DR2013iPhone-21 DR2013iPhone-17 DR2013iPhone-18 DR2013iPhone-19 DR2013iPhone-15

Sunday was adventure day! In exchange for zip lining we chose to do a day of exploring the city. It was so much fun to see the real side of Punta Cana and not just the gorgeous resort side, which we loved. We rode in a monster truck, drank beers at 10am, went to a local school, visited a tobacco farm where we watched how handmade cigars are made (by the cutest man) and try some out ourselves, after that we headed to a coacoa and coffee plantation, stopped at the Basilica, which was fitting since it happened to be Easter, and our last stop was to a nearby ranch to go horseback riding. Since I do that at home, without a dorky helmet, we decided to stay back and relax in the hammocks. It was our absolute favorite part of the day.

DR2013-7 DR2013-8 DR2013-9 DR2013-10 DR2013-11 DR2013-12 DR2013-13 DR2013-14 DR2013-15 DR2013-16 DR2013-17 DR2013-18 DR2013-19 DR2013-20 DR2013-21 DR2013-22 DR2013-23 DR2013-24 DR2013-25 DR2013-26 DR2013-27 DR2013-28 DR2013-29 DR2013-30 DR2013-31 DRfilm-1 DRfilm-2 DR2013-32 DR2013-33 DR2013-34 DR2013-35 DR2013-36 DR2013-37 DR2013-38 DR2013-39 DR2013-40 DR2013-41-1 DR2013-41 DR2013-42 DR2013-43 DR2013-44 DRfilm-3 DRfilm-4 DR2013-45 DR2013-46 DR2013-47

This one was called The Monica Lewinsky…DR2013-48 DR2013-49 DR2013-50 DR2013-51 DR2013-52 DR2013-53 DR2013-54 DR2013-55 DR2013-56 DR2013-57 DR2013-58 DR2013-59 DR2013-60 DR2013-61 DR2013-62 DR2013-63 DR2013-64

Yes, I was terrified by the fact that this guy had a tarantula on HIS FACE.

DR2013-65 DR2013-66 DR2013-67 DR2013-68 DR2013-69 DR2013-70 DR2013-71 DR2013-72 DR2013-73 DR2013-74 DR2013-75 DR2013-76 DR2013-77

Monday morning was our last day there so before we had to check out we had breakfast and then walked to the beach to use up the rest of the roll of film that was in the camera.

DRfilm-5 DRfilm-6 DRfilm-7 DRfilm-8 DRfilm-9 DRfilm-10 DRfilm-11 DRfilm-12 DRfilm-13

It was a quick lived trip but we are so honored that we were able to go there and photograph Brenda and Geudy’s wedding. I’ll be sharing their wedding tomorrow! YAY!!!

  1. ala cortez says:

    these are amazing!! so happy you guys went out to explore. looks like it was a beautiful trip!

  2. Annie says:

    Love all the pics! Looks amazing!

  3. Gail says:

    Sigh. Y’all are just SO PRETTY. Love these! What a cool town!

  4. Stacy says:

    1. You two are models
    2. These photos are amazing
    3. I want those sandals
    K bye! Xx

  5. Looks like so much fun! Love the shots of you guys with the cigars!

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