Nick Shattuck ::: Lifestyle Portrait Session

We met completely by chance. Ala and I went to a show at Saint Rocke on a random weekday night. We went there to see Meiko perform with no idea that we would meet the opening act, Nick Shattuck. The place was packed, standing room only, so when I spotted an open table in front of the stage I ran for it. Seconds later we learned that the table was occupied by Nick’s manager who invited us to join him at the table. We sat there and gushed over how awesome his voice was, bought some cd’s and when Nick’s set was over, chatted all night with him about twitter, instagram and photography.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking some shots of Nick. He’s rad. Period.

He’s working on a new album and I was lucky enough to hear a few of his new songs that day. You heard that right, I was serenaded during my session. That’s a first! Go buy his album Chorus and Verse while we wait out his new one. It’s an amazing album, I literally I had it on repeat in my car for like a month.

Thanks for standing in front of people’s garage doors for me, Nick =)

  1. ala cortez says:

    oh hey look at you, rockstar photographer! these are so good. love how you posed him!

  2. ari says:

    nick. so hot right now. nick.

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