Nadiya & Saum ::: Seven Degrees Wedding

As soon as Nadiya slipped into her wedding dress she beamed. She was a gorgeous bride and Saum such a handsome groom. They grinned from ear to ear from the moment they saw each other during their first look until they danced and danced at the end of the night. After five years of dating, Nadiya in Texas and Saum in California I might add, they finally were together in the same state, saying vows they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.

Their Seven Degrees Wedding in Laguna Beach was perfection, from the lavender lit ceremony to the romantic reception. The dance floor was packed all night long and there was SO much love filling the room from beginning to end.

Nadiya and Saum thank you, so much, for asking me to capture this day for you. I am so honored.

Eshraghi-1 Eshraghi-2 Eshraghi-3 Eshraghi-4 Eshraghi-5 Eshraghi-6 Eshraghi-7 Eshraghi-8 Eshraghi-9 Eshraghi-10 Eshraghi-11 Eshraghi-12 Eshraghi-13 Eshraghi-14 Eshraghi-15 Eshraghi-16 Eshraghi-17 Eshraghi-18 Eshraghi-19 Eshraghi-20 Eshraghi-21 Eshraghi-22 Eshraghi-23 Eshraghi-24 Eshraghi-25 Eshraghi-26 Eshraghi-28 Eshraghi-29 Eshraghi-30 Eshraghi-31 Eshraghi-32 Eshraghi-33 Eshraghi-34 Eshraghi-35 Eshraghi-36 Eshraghi-37 Eshraghi-38 Eshraghi-39 Eshraghi-40 Eshraghi-43 Eshraghi-44 Eshraghi-45 Eshraghi-46 Eshraghi-48 Eshraghi-49 Eshraghi-50 Eshraghi-51 Eshraghi-52_1 Eshraghi-52 Eshraghi-53 Eshraghi-54 Eshraghi-55 Eshraghi-56 Eshraghi-57 Eshraghi-58 Eshraghi-59 Eshraghi-60 Eshraghi-61 Eshraghi-62 Eshraghi-63 Eshraghi-64 Eshraghi-65 Eshraghi-66 Eshraghi-67 Eshraghi-68 Eshraghi-69 Eshraghi-70 Eshraghi-71 Eshraghi-72 Eshraghi-73 Eshraghi-74 Eshraghi-75 Eshraghi-76 Eshraghi-77 Eshraghi-78 Eshraghi-79 Eshraghi-80 Eshraghi-81 Eshraghi-82 Eshraghi-84 Eshraghi-85 Eshraghi-86 Eshraghi-87 Eshraghi-88 Eshraghi-89 Eshraghi-90 Eshraghi-91 Eshraghi-92 Eshraghi-93 Eshraghi-95 Eshraghi-96 Eshraghi-97 Eshraghi-98 Eshraghi-99 Eshraghi-100 Eshraghi-101 Eshraghi-102 Eshraghi-103 Eshraghi-104

  1. Looks like such a fun wedding!! The shots with the flower petals flying are all sorts of amazing.

  2. glady says:

    fantastic, and so dreamy megan. love how you captured the light during the first look, and all the happiness at the reception. miss you lovahh!

  3. Christina says:

    I agree with Adrienne! Those flower petals shots are beyond everything! Love the bridal sweet shots too.

  4. no. 19 and that first elevator frame…so so good.

  5. Shayne says:

    Pretty sure that this wedding could not be captured more beautifully. You are a fantastic photographer! Where dd you learn this amazing talent?

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