little bits and pieces from the other side.

A couple months ago I went to the other side. Of the country that is. I was so graciously asked to shoot a wedding in Lake Placid, New York for THE sweetest couple. I flew into Vermont and explored the adorable little town of Burlington before jumping on the ferry and crossing Lake Champlain. Burlington is really the cutest little town I ever have seen. The buildings and streets and houses, oh my! I didn’t stay long but loved walking up and down Church St. with it’s brick streets and friendly Birkenstock wearing people. I then went on my very first ferry ride across the gorgeous Lake and it was so nice to just sit, relax, read, shoot, people watch and awe in the beauty. Once I got into Port Kent I was immediately astounded by the beauty that is Upstate New York. I had been to New York City years ago but this was a whole ‘nother ball game. Every turn I made, my jaw dropped. I was that person waving her arm out the window for cars to pass me because I was probably driving under the speed limit gawking at the scenery. I stopped at every chance I could to take photos. After hours of driving the best scenic route ever, I finally made it to Lake Placid. This town is the sweetest thing. The lake is gorgeous, the buildings down the main street are old and brick and beautiful. I had one afternoon free to browse around the town and shoot a bit. I’ll be posting images from the wedding soon soon. Enjoy these for now.

There was a bridge that I drove over and as soon as I looked to my left I saw this…and then I looked to my right and knew I had to stop. The image below is a shot from each side of the bridge. Just gorgeous.

There were awesome barns and open fields at every turn. A photographers dream location, really.

The view of Lake Placid, NY from our hotel


…and here are a few extra I shot with my phone.

Good ol’ Instagram.

windy ferry ride

My adorable bride at the Lake Placid Horse Show. It’s a big deal round those parts.


  1. So many cute spots! Also, you’re kidding with that amazing ceremony shot!! Can’t wait to see more!

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