Juli & Jason ::: Traditional Lao Ceremony

 I love the fact that I get to see and be apart of different traditions each weekend. The day before their wedding at La Venta Inn, Juli and Jason celebrated and honored her Laotian side and had a traditional Lao ceremony at their home and I was so honored to be there to document it. It was so fun, full of laughter and color. I can’t wait to share their wedding with you all tomorrow.

J&J-LaoCeremony-1 J&J-LaoCeremony-2 J&J-LaoCeremony-3 J&J-LaoCeremony-4 J&J-LaoCeremony-5 J&J-LaoCeremony-6 J&J-LaoCeremony-7 J&J-LaoCeremony-8 J&J-LaoCeremony-9 J&J-LaoCeremony-10 J&J-LaoCeremony-11 J&J-LaoCeremony-12 J&J-LaoCeremony-13 J&J-LaoCeremony-14 J&J-LaoCeremony-15 J&J-LaoCeremony-16 J&J-LaoCeremony-17 J&J-LaoCeremony-18 J&J-LaoCeremony-19 J&J-LaoCeremony-20 J&J-LaoCeremony-21 J&J-LaoCeremony-22 J&J-LaoCeremony-23

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