Client Gifts & Custom Packaging

I love gifting. I am that person that will buy ALL the cards at Paper Source just to have them on hand. So when it came to my brides and grooms I wanted to give them something special and tangible after their wedding day was over because, dangit, it all goes by way too fast.

My Grandpa is a master in the woodshop so he’s been building me these sweet boxes for my clients for years now and I love that they’re a handmade part of the gift. I order my favorite moments from the wedding day because I love knowing that my clients will have some prints, juuuust in case they don’t get around to printing on their own, and wrap them up with the softest, prettiest ribbon from Tono and Co. Lastly, I love adding these wholesale custom flash drives as a finishing touch to the package. They are so pretty in person and I love that they’re customized with my logo on them. They’re 8gb so I can put the whole wedding on just one and be sure that my clients have a backup of their images.

So there it is! I love hearing from my couples after they’ve received their boxes and love surprising them with them! I hope this inspires you, if you’re a vendor too! Feel free to ask any questions if I didn’t answer it in the post. Happy Monday, friends!

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