Bea & Eddie ::: Santa Monica Engagement Session

 You know those couples that when around them you can’t help but beam with happiness? That’s Bea and Eddie. They’re love for each other just fills the hearts of everyone around them. I had so much fun during their engagement session I forgot I was actually working and not just walking around, hanging out with them. It was one of those chilly, breezy, foggy beach days and it definitely worked to our advantage. I love this session almost as much as I love these two people. I can’t wait to share their gorgeous Dana Powers Barn wedding soon!

B&E-1 B&E-2 B&E-3 B&E-4 B&E-5 B&E-6 B&E-7 B&E-8 B&E-9 B&E-10 B&E-11 B&E-12 B&E-14 B&E-13 B&E-15 B&E-16 B&E-17 B&E-18 B&E-19 B&E-20 B&E-21 B&E-22 B&E-23 B&E-24 B&E-25 B&E-26 B&E-27

  1. Heidi R. says:

    So cute! These two look like fun. 🙂

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