Bea & Eddie ::: Dana Powers Barn Wedding


This was my last wedding of 2012 and it really could not have ended last years wedding season on a higher note. Bea and Eddie’s love for each other is incredible. The kind that makes your heart pitter patter just being around them because you can feel it. It surrounds them. And it surrounded their closest friends and family last December when, after 11 years together, they finally said I Do and made a vow to make each others hearts pitter patter for the rest of their lives.

I’m so happy this wedding was featured on The Wedding Chicks yesterday too! Head over there to read about more details from their Big Day.

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  1. ala cortez says:

    how many times can i say it? these are so amazing! you did a fantastic job, love!

  2. ally michele says:

    truth (what ala said) these are beautiful!! Great Job Friend!!

  3. Evie says:

    These are stunning!

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