Amanda & Ryan ::: Newport Beach Lifestyle Session

As I drove along the PCH today and watched the surfers try and catch the perfect wave on this December day, I felt pretty thankful to live where I do. I’m not good in the cold, I’m not really good in the heat either, which kind of makes Southern California the perfect place for me to live. I’m not going to lie, I’m ready for it to cool down juuuust a bit so I can wear a sweater but all in all, I’ll take it.

Amanda and Ryan’s session is the perfect one to share on this nice warm Winter day. Nothing says California better than beautiful sunlight and warm beaches so here you go. I love this couple (and Sake too)! It’s so fun to see them year after year and photograph them together. If you remember, their session last year was SO fun and I’m loving the switch up they did for this year.

Thank you again, you two. Until next year!

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