Abigail & Joel ::: Expecting

 Abigail and Joel (and Piston) are the sweetest and I am so, so happy they asked me to document this exciting time in their lives while they anxiously await the arrival of their baby girl. She’s going to be gorgeous, no doubt about it. This session was a dream to capture, I think I could shoot it every day and my life would be complete.

Thank you A & J for everything. Can’t wait to meet your little babe!

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  1. danielle bacon says:

    Gorgeous! Beautiful light and I LOVE that dress.

  2. Emily says:

    Beautiful setting & beautiful couple beautifully captured! Keep up the magic miss megan!

  3. That dress is the prettiest thing in life! And they’re such a cute couple! Loving all of these đŸ™‚

  4. Alaina Sevilla says:

    These pictures are stunning!! Lovin the hair and I am seriously going to steal that dress!!

    So excited for the baby!

  5. Kathrina says:

    Ooh child! This is real pretty!

  6. ala cortez says:

    this session is perfection. and that dress is to die for! all of this = so good!

  7. Amanda Rae says:

    IS HER DRESS PINK AT THE BOTTOM???!! Why aren’t all dresses pink at the bottom!??

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