a little puppy love ::: Tei & Micah ::: pasadena lifestyle session

 a puppy makes three, right? I love when my clients add a little puppy love to their sessions. Ellie was the cutest, most well behaved puppy and their session was so much fun with her in it! Tei and Micah are the sweetest, most laid back couple and I had such a blast running around this field with them. xoxo to you two!m&t-meganwelkerphotography-1 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-2 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-3 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-4 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-5 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-6 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-7 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-8 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-9 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-10 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-11 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-12 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-13 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-14 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-15 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-16 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-17 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-18 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-19 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-20 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-21 m&t-meganwelkerphotography-22

  1. Tei says:

    These are our favorite photos to date!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for squeezing us in during your busy wedding season and being your awesome self. You are truly TRULY talented : )

  2. Kathrina says:

    I freaking love puppies!!! SO cute!

  3. Kris says:

    Love this! Fabulous shots!

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