year one in book form


 I’m so thankful that Adam likes taking photos, being photographed and puts up with my “oooo go stand over there and let me set up the timer and take a photo of us”. I defend myself by saying “I’m documenting our lives here!” and he never complains one bit about it. So lucky for us we have a ton of photos documenting our first year together. About 9 months into our relationship I had the idea to make a photo book documenting just that so I started secretly gathering photos, chronicling our adventures and designing our book, all without saying a word to Adam (which, if you know me at all, was really hard). So, one night after our anniversary I surprised him with the book and he loved it. I love it too, it’s my most favorite book and I’m so excited to add year two, year three and so on to it throughout the years.

I went through Artifact Uprising and I am so happy I did! Their design process is so easy and the photos (even instagram photos) came out beautiful! I went with the soft cover and have about 75 pages on this puppy. I may order a hard cover just to see the difference (and because their prices are so reasonable I totally can).

au-yearone-1 au-yearone-2 au-yearone-3 au-yearone-4 au-yearone-5 au-yearone-6 au-yearone-7