Evie, Eddie & Emmett ::: Newport Beach Maternity Session


 I was so excited when Evie contacted me about doing her maternity session. She’s such a beautiful woman inside and out and her session was gorgeous from start to finish!

A BIG thanks to the girls over at one of my favorite family blogs. So happy it was featured on 100 Layer Cakelet!

Evie-1 Evie-2 Evie-3 Evie-4 Evie-5 Evie-6 Evie-7 Evie-8 Evie-9 Evie-10 Evie-11 Evie-12 Evie-13 Evie-14 Evie-15 Evie-16 Evie-17 Evie-18 Evie-19 Evie-20 Evie-21 Evie-22 Evie-23 Evie-24 Evie-25 Evie-26 Evie-27 Evie-28 Evie-29 Evie-30 Evie-31 Evie-32 Evie-33 Evie-34 Evie-35 Evie-36 Evie-37 Evie-38 Evie-39 Evie-40 Evie-41 Evie-42 Evie-43 Evie-44 Evie-45 Evie-46 Evie-47