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For those of you who follow my blog, you know that every 6 months I go on a trip with 11 amazing wedding photographers. These women started out as fellow photographers, someone to share similar experiences with and so on, but in time these girls have turned into true friends. I look so forward to these trips where we can all get away from our work lives and just relax and bond. This was our 4th installment of The Traveling Hearts Society and it was so fun! We rented a house in Joshua Tree, Ca and relaxed and completely enjoyed each others company. We had craft nights, flip cup nights and a little belated gift exchange. Our house sat on 5 acres so our backyard was basically amazing! I took my camera out for two whole days. Only two. It was nice just being. Not worrying about getting the best photo of what was happening, just being in the moment and completely enjoying being around some of my best friends.

We didn’t blog a whole lot during the trip but we’re still going at it now! Head over there to see more!

I stole Amanda Rae away for a few photos. I love her!

We did something a little different this trip. Usually we choose a day to all go out with our cameras, get dressed up and photograph each other. This day is hectic, we’re all over the place, grabbing a girl, photographing her until another girl is free to nab! I love it because I get to spend time with each girl through my camera BUT it can get a bit crazy at times. So, this trip we decided to take a different approach. Half of the girls picked a name out of a hat and that’s the one girl they were paired up with for the entire day. We styled each other completely and then shot only each other. It was so fun! I was paired with THE fabulous Jordana Hazel and couldn’t have been happier! Jordana is so fun to photograph and is drop dead gorgeous so, I considered myself lucky.

Jordana, seriously. You are amazing. Thank you for walking around the desert in sparkly shoes and letting me slick your hair back (which looks so so hot on you, serious) I love you!

Here are some of my favorites from our fun day together! To see what Jordana shot of me, head over to her blog {HERE}

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  • like, for real, these are amazing! I need more Joshua tree light in my life!!!ReplyCancel

  • adore you darling. Absolutely adore! Thank you for shooting these of me, I could kiss you!ReplyCancel

  • so stunning megan. the light, the sparkle. the freckles. you behind the camera. jordana! all gorgeous.

    myself and my red cup on the other hand? HILARIOUS! lol.ReplyCancel

  • ari

    seriously stunning :)ReplyCancel

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