Becca & Jared ::: Victorian Gardens Wedding


By the end of Becca and Jared’s wedding day, my cheeks were on fire. As soon as you see Becca’s smile, you’ll see how incredibly contagious it is. Not to mention the love filling the air on this day was unlike any other. It was a long day awaited for Becca and Jared and it was well worth it. The look on his face as the doors opened and he saw his bride walking towards him is the reason I do what I do.

There were so many personal touches made by these two as well as their friends and family…and their ceremony set up! HOLY GORGEOUSNESS! It was absolutely perfect!Becca is a crazy talented photographer in Visalia so of course I was beyond honored to be asked to photograph her special day. Thank you thank you B&J ♥

Tilley-1 Tilley-2 Tilley-3 Tilley-4 Tilley-5 Tilley-6 Tilley-7 Tilley-8 Tilley-9 Tilley-10 Tilley-11 Tilley-12 Tilley-13 Tilley-14 Tilley-15 Tilley-16 Tilley-17 Tilley-18 Tilley-19 Tilley-20 Tilley-21 Tilley-22 Tilley-23 Tilley-24 Tilley-25 Tilley-26 Tilley-27 Tilley-28 Tilley-29 Tilley-30-1 Tilley-30 Tilley-31 Tilley-32 Tilley-33 Tilley-34-1 Tilley-34 Tilley-35 Tilley-36 Tilley-37 Tilley-38 Tilley-39 Tilley-40 Tilley-41 Tilley-42 Tilley-43 Tilley-44 Tilley-45 Tilley-46 Tilley-47 Tilley-48 Tilley-49 Tilley-50 Tilley-51 Tilley-52 Tilley-53 Tilley-54 Tilley-55 Tilley-56 Tilley-57 Tilley-58 Tilley-59 Tilley-60