a weekend in the bay


A few months ago Adam and I drove up to San Francisco for a quick weekend away exploring the bay. We stayed in a sweet little hotel near Union Square, walked to the farmers market at the Ferry Building and met up with some of my favorites while feasting on scones, Portuguese sausage and pressed juice. That afternoon we made our way over to The Sutro Baths which, if you’ve never been before, are really amazing to see. We walked through the cave and up and around the tall, tall trees, stopping of course to document the journey just about every step of the way. After we froze our butts off at that end of SF we decided to explore Pacific Heights and the Marina District. We walked through shops, stopping to finally check out Freda Salvador Shoes and had lunch at Blue Barn (best salads EVER). After walking block and blocks through Pacific Heights we decided to drive around Golden Gate Park, stopping to find we had walked right into a bluegrass festival. Finally we headed to the Mission District where we walked (some more) through antique shops (our favorite), relaxed in Dolores Park and people watched (because how can you not?), had the best dinner at Delfina’s in the Mission District and even though we were SO incredibly full, we had to stand in line at Bi Rite (because when you’re across the street, you HAVE TO) to get ice cream before heading back to the car.

We did this ALL in one day friends. We walked seriously about 7-8 miles, changed 4 times and have one of the best days together. I never tire of adventuring with this guy.

SF-26 SF-44 SF-1 SF-2 SF-3 SF-4 SF-5 SF-6 SF-27 SF-8 SF-28 SF-7 SF-9 SF-29 SF-10 SF-11 SF-12 SF-13 SF-14 SF-15 SF-16 SF-17 SF-43 SF-18 SF-21 SF-20 SF-33 SF-35 SF-19 SF-34 SF-32 SF-25 SF-24 SF-22 SF-23 SF-37 SF-36 SF-47 SF-45 SF-48 SF-31 SF-30 SF-38 SF-49 SF-41 SF-40 SF-42